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Orgosolo - Supramonte - Who we are

Chi Siamo - Società servici turistici cultura e ambienteThe Association for Tourist Services Culture and Environment in Orgosolo, is made up of skilled and qualified guides, and its aim is to let people discover the treasures of Sardinia, with its unpolluted and amazing natural environment thanks to the millenary integration between man and nature, show the traditions and live among the natural environment allowing the senses to move freely following new emotions and original places.

Società Servizi Turistici Cultura e Ambiente S.n.c.
Località Sarthu Thitthu
08027 Orgosolo (NU)

  • Tel. +39 0784 401015
  • Cell. +39 349 1775877 / +39 349 1016825
  • Fax +39 0784 402535
  • Email:

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