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Environmental education - Orgosolo - Supramonte

itinerari didattici per studenti - Visite GuidateWe arrange didactic itineraries for students of all levels schools enriched by open air lessons, ranging from natural sciences, to geology, notes on flora and fauna, etnography, including recreational and play activities such as treasure hunt, in order to discover through the play, the nature’s world and get in touch with the territory and the history of Sardinia.

The aim is to know better and directly the Orgosolo territory and the analysis of its environmental equilibrium, to involve the new generation in the commitment to protect the environment. From the positive contact with the nature comes the love for it and the commitment for its protection. We have decided to commit in the environmental education to offer the youth techniques, experiences, and knowledges saved in many years of outdoor activity. The best way to know and appreciate the nature is indeed to move in camouflage inside an ecosystem beatiful and complex enough to amaze and intrigue.

Period: all year round.

Please note: it is possible to choose the topic of the meetings in advance, according to the teacher’s requirements.


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