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Orgosolo - (Nuoro) - Supramonte

Orgosolo - (Nuoro) - SupramonteOrgosolo is certainly famous for its murales, that make the village a real en plein air museum: the pictures (approximately 200) are on the buildings’ outside walls, and tell the labours, accusations and big achievements of the Orgosolo community, moving from colourful tales of everyday life to world events and political struggles.

In the village and its surroundings there are several churches. The most loved by the people of the village is certainly the church of Beata Vergine Assunta, built in 1634, keeps the statue of the Virgin in the urn of golden wood, decorated with precious votive offerings.


Since a few years, a strong tourist stream has shown interest in the birthplace and crypt of the Blessed Antonia Mesina, whose relics, in a simulacrum with its traditional Orgosolo costume, are kept in the parish church.

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