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Archaelogic and naturalistic trekking Montes Forest – Orgosolo

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Archaelogic and naturalistic trekking Montes Forest – OrgosoloArchaelogic and naturalistic trekking Montes Forest – OrgosoloTrekking - tacchi calcarei

Trekking in Sardinia? Unbelievable but true. Yes, we are known for our sea, that you consider the best in the world, or almost the best. Everybody thinks Sardinia = Sea, anyway in the last few years many of you, Nature, Culture and Food & Wine Friends, have chosen the Mountain and Sea couple in Sardinia by trekking along places and paths where the landscape and silence give you the sensation that time has stopped. Places where a rural and archaic world still exists and where you can still meet wild animals such as the mouflons, the royal eagle, the Gipetto (a variety of falcon) and where domestic pets roam in the land in total freedom.

You can meet shepherds here, the very guardians and holders of this places, in many occasions they will be leaders and guides and will offer you their hospitality and knowledge of the territory.

In Sardinia you can trek all year long: part of the winter, in spring with its thousand flowers, and then in autumn when photographers capture the most extraordinary colours of Sardinia. In these periods we organise routes of one to seven days in order to discover Supramonte, starting from Orgosolo to Urzullei – Baunei, Dorgali and finally reach the cliffs and the crystalline sea of the eastern coast of our island.

You can also trek over the Gennargentu and reach the Supramonte by keeping always a medium height of 1100 metres. Even in summer you can enjoy morning trekking under the shadow of secular holm-oaxes. Our company organises these routes in co-operation with expert French and German language speaking guides (Ma vinzas, sa limba Sarda). All guides are registered in the regional list of environmental and naturalistic guides and are members of the national association G.A.E. and with their experience and passion will let you discover the heart of this extraordinary ISLAND.



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