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Supramonte and Gennargentu Trekking

  • Four days excursions in the attracting and wild massive of Supramonte
  • Ancient holm-oak forests among vertical rock walls and calcareous canyons
  • Archaeological and naturalistic guided visits
  • Guided itineraries with mufflon and birds of prey watching
  • Typical lunch among shepherds

Spring and autumn, when the climate offers milder temperatures, are the best seasons to trek in Supramonte. Supramonte is a calcareous massive very similar to the Dolomites. During trekking you will perceive its wild nature, still almost untouched by human presence. The itinerary passes through dolines and steep rocky heights, deep gorges, ravines and caves and finally reaches the sea, in the gulf of Orosei, where the forest meets the sea. Numerous are the testimonies of the presence of the ancient people of Nuraghe and of the more recent shepherds’ huts.
Along the route you will admire the various local Sardinian vegetal species, that had to adapt to a very hard environment. A special feeling you will perceive passing through the primary forest of Sar Baddes: its ancient and majestic beauty reminds us how small we passers-by are.
With a little luck it is possible to meet some mufflons, but for sure you will admire the flight of the eagle, patrolling its territory from the sky.


Before our departure we will prepare our baggage with the things necessary for the day. Land Rover transfer to Punta solitta (Scala de S’Arenargiu) where our trekking begins.
At first, the height will be ca. 1100 m above sea level, and the route will then go on in a slight slope. Eastwards we will reach the doline of “Su Sielhòne” with a diameter of 500 m. and a depth of 150 m., that will struck us with its majesty.
Then, after a little stop, we will move to “Campu Doniànihàru” a large plain hidden by the surrounding calcareous rock. After circa two hours we will reach the site of “Tiscali” that we will visit after paying the entrance ticket.
At the end of the visit we will descend to the valley of “LANAITTU” where we will find the jeeps that will bring us to the bus. In the afternoon we will be back to our hotel and fix the meeting for the next day.

Trekking: ca. 8 / 9 hours, stops included. Maximum difference of level 900 m. Ca. All downhill route.


Today we will move to the schistose mountains covered in heather and we will reach the area of “Pihìstone” and from that moment on, we will have the opportunity to feel the emotion of meeting the mufflons, unquestioned masters of these mountains, and, with a little bit of luck, to admire the majestic flight of the royal eagle.
After lunch, starting from a medium height of 1200 m. above sea level, we will arrive to 1316 m above sea level, and we will be at the top of two important natural monuments rich in arboreal and herbaceous species: the calcareous mountains of MONTE FUMAI and MONTE SAN GIOVANNI, from these heights we will admire a 360 degrees landscape.
We will resume then our trekking passing through holm-oak and heather forests to the area called HONEAI, where we will admire some natural sculptures created by the voracity of ruminant animals residing in the area. We will move then to the area of DORZESI and visit a fragment of primary forest, a magical valley, coloured by hundred of peony roses, where the majestic secular trees grown on Karst rocks soar for more then 25 m.
At this point we will meet again our jeeps that will lead us back to Restaurant Supramonte, where we will find the bus that will bring our friends back to the hotel.

Trekking: ca. 7 / 8 hours, stops included. Maximum difference of level 1200 ca, 200. ca.


After the arrival of the bus with our friends to the Restaurant Supramonte, we will drive in our jeeps to the SUPRAMONTE. After ca. 20 km we will reach the OTOLU area, the entrance of the north-eastern side of the Karst plateau of SUPRAMONTE.
Our trekking starts from here, direction CAMPU HOSTARIA, where we will find a large expanse of fossilised junipers, still standing after a the fire of 1931.
Going on with our route we will reach the area of SA FERULA, where we will admire the ancient sheep-fond built with juniper with the aim of recovering animals.
Resuming our trekking we will perceive all the power of Nature: notwithstanding the little soil, we will find in natural Karst “pots” three varieties of plants: Juniper, Ilex and Fillirea, united in symbiosis to survive to the hardness of the soil.
We will go through secular forests where the sun can’t let its rays in through the leaves, until we’ll reach the majestic NURAGHE BIANCO DI MEREU, one of the few white Nurage still existing, unique in particular for its quadrangular towers.
After the stop for lunch, we will resume our walk towards the primary forest of SAS VADDES, one of the last surviving in Europe, and we will also visit the cliff of SU DISTERRU, 200 m. deep. Here we will find jeeps that will bring us back to the Restaurant Supramonte, where the bus will take our friends to the hotel.

Trekking: ca. 7 / 8 hours, stops included. Maximum difference of level 1150 ca, 850. ca.


After the arrival at Restaurant Supramonte we will start our walk towards the plateau of MONTES.
After circa half an hour, we will reach an area of great naturalistic interest, where we will still find lichens surviving from a primordial era.
Going on with our route, we will reach the archaeological settling of SIRILO’, a site in which we’ll find the largest concentration of DOMUS DE JANAS in the territory dating back to the CALCOLITIC Period (III millennium b.C. – beginning of the II millennium b.C.)
We will trek then through the secular wood of MONTES, in which all trees have the same shape and the same height from the ground and we will reach the megalithic circle of SU PADULARGIU, with its circumference of two hectares, that is supposed to be an ancient market or a playground area during the Nuragic era.
Then we will move on and visit the nuragic spring of SU’ OLOSTI, place of pagan ceremonies during ancient times.
At this point we will resume our walk to the area of SU LITTU, where we will take part to the lunch prepared by our friends the SHEPHERDS. In the afternoon we will visit the famous Murals in Orgosolo, the only Sardinian silkworm exhibition.
We will then go back to the RESTAURANT SUPRAMONTE End of services and departure.

Trekking: ca. 4 hours, stops included. Maximum difference of level 200 ca 200. ca.

€ 80,00 per person per day (8 participants)
€ 74,00 per person per day (16 participants)
€ 68,00 per person per day (more than 24 participants)

Lunch among shepherds (facultative, the 4th day)
€ 20,00 per person (50 participants)
€ 23,00 per person (8 to 25 participants)

Interpreter service: € 160 per day per group
Cost of exhibitions: according to the number of participants.

Price includes:

  • 4 days territory guide service
  • transfers and land rover transportation from the sites
  • 1 guide service to the Murals and to the Exhibitions
  • 4 overnights on bed and breakfast basis + packed lunch during excursions

Price does not include:

  • transportation to Orgosolo
  • drinks bought at our restaurant
  • entrance tickets to sites and exhibitions, dinners in Hotel
  • extras

PARTICIPANTS PHISICAL CONDITION: intermediate, but very firm foot required

TO TAKE WITH YOU: trekking shoes, bottle of water (ca 1,5 l), rain equipment, sun protection.

Advice: we suggest to use pile and/or microfibre warm cloths in layers, that dry quickly.



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