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Trekking in the Supramonte and the Gennargentu

  • Three days of excursions through the charming and wild massif of Supramonte
  • Ancient holm-oak forests among vertical rock walls and calcareous canyons
  • Archeological and naturalistic visits
  • Guided tours for moufflons and predators watching
  • Typical lunch with the shepherds

Spring and Autumn, when the climate is mild, are the best seasons to walk around the Supramonte. The Supramonte is a calcareous massif, similar to the Dolomiti. When walking thorough you can observe its wild nature and the little presence of the man.

The itinerary proceeds through dolinas, sharp rock peaks, caves. Moreover witnesses of the presence of the Nuragic people till the most recent signsof the shepherds, with their huts, nowadays nearly completely abandoned for less hard jobs.Along the route, in addition, we can meet several endemic Sardinian vegetable species, that had to adapt to a barren land.A peculiar sensation will strike you while going through the primary forest of Sas Vaddas, that reveal to us, with its ancient and imposting beauty, how insignificant is our short life in comparison...

If we are lucky we can also meet some moufflons or watch an eagle flying over its territory.

Day 1: arrival and occupation of rooms in Hotel.


Breakfast and departure on off-road vehicle to the Supramonte, arrival at Campu su Mudelhu, and start of the Trekking tour. We will walk through age-old woods where the sun cannot arrive because of thethick net of leaves, until we can reach the WhiteNuraghe Mereu, one of the few white ones, original for its quadrangular towers. We will proceed our tour to arrive inside the Gorge of Gorroppu.

After the lunch break we will continue our walk toward the primary forest of Sas Vaddas, one of the few surviving in Europe, where we will visit the dolina of Su Disterru, over 200 mts deep.There we will find our off-road vehicle to take us back to Ristorante Camping Supramonte. Dinner and free evening.

Duration of walk: approx. 7/8 hours. Stops included. Max drops: ascending 1150 approx., descending 850 approx.


Day 3: Scala de S’Arenargiu – VALLE DI LANAITTU

Before departure we need to pack with all the necessary stuff for the day. Transfer by Land Rover to Punta Solitta (Scala de S’Arenargiu) where our walking tour starts.

It starts at 1100 mts a.m.s.l. andproceeds with a slight slope. Going towards East we arrive at “Su Sielhone”dolina, that being 500 mts wide and 150 mts deep, will astonish with its imposing grandeur.

Then, after a well-deserved break, we will continue towards the close“Campu Donianiharu”, a big plateau hidden by the calcareous rock around it. Two hours later, we will arrive at “Tiscali” site that we will visit paying an ENTRANCE FEE. After this visit we will start toclimb down toward the “Lanaittu” valley where we will meet our off-road vehicles to go back to theRistorante Camping Supramonte, and tent pitching. Dinner and free evening.

Duration of walk: approx. 8/9 hours. Stops included. Max drop: descending 900, approx. All downhill



Breakfast and departure on foot from Ristorante Camping Supramonte, towards the plateau of Montes. After half an hour we will arrive in an area of great naturalistic interest, where we can still findlichens dating back to the primeeval age.

Proceeding our tour we arrive at the archaeological site of Sirilò, with the highest concentration ofDomus de Janas of the territory, dating back to the Chalcolitic age(III° millennium b.C. – beginning of the II° millennium b.C.).

We walk through the age old forest of Montes where all the trees present have the same shape and same height, and we reach then the megalithic circle of Su Padulargiu, 2 hectares long, supposed to be a market or an arena for games of the Nuragic era.

Later we visit the nuragic spring of Su Olosti, where the pagan rites took place at that time.

Afterwards we will walk again towards “Su Littu” to have lunch together with our friendstheshepherds. In the afternoon we visit Orgosolo to see the famous MURALES, the Exhibition ofthe Silk worm, the only present in SARDINIA.

Return to the Ristorante Camping Supramonte, dinner and free evening.

Duration of walk: approx. 4 hours and ½ stops included (Max drops: ascending 200 approx., descending 200 approx.).


Cost per person: € 330.00

Suggested periods: Spring and Autumn

According to the dates suggested, if there is not a mininum number of participants, the excursion will be postponed.

The rate includes:

  • - 3 overnight in hotel
  • - 3 days of guided tour in the territory
  • - Transfers to and back the sites with off-road vehicles
  • - 1 guide service for the Murales and the Exhibitions
  • - 3 Breakfasts
  • - 2 Packed lunches
  • - 1 Lunch with the shepherds
  • - 3 Dinners at the typical Restaurant Supramonte

The rate does not include:

  • - Trip to Orgosolo
  • - Drinks (bought at our site)
  • - Entrance fees to the sites and exhibitions
  • - Any extra

Physical condition required to the participants: medium and steady foot.

What to take: Trekking shoes, water bottle (it is suggested to bring about 1,5 liters), rain stuff, sun protection, sleeping bag.

Advice: we suggest to wear a fleece or other microfiber clothes (because warm) inlayers; if theyget wet they dry soon.


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