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Guided tours - Orgosolo - Supramonte

The murales of Orgosolo: since approximately 30 years ago the walls of the townhall, the library, of the ambulatory, and the bars offer space to the creativity of the artists that give the murales the duty of keeping the images and voices not only of a community but of a whole island. The murales represent an exceptional landmark and still speak a lot of the village to the visitor that watch them. Many murales are in Cubist style, sometimes with real quotations (inside the village there is a reproduction of Guernica by Picasso), others are in the Mexican muralist style of the Twenties.

 Recently the murales have acquired new styles, such as the Surrealist (a whole square is dedicated to Joan Miro); with bright colours, often accompanied by an artist’s note, sometimes in the Orgosolo dialect, keep the historical memories of the village and accusation of the political struggles. Still in the centre you can visit the birthplace and the Crypt of the Blessed Antonia Mesina, a young Orgosolo girl that preferred to be stoned to death at the age of sixteen, on 17th May 1935, in order to save her pureness.

Her relics, put together in a simulacre, wears the traditional Orgosolo costume, famous for its beauty and the typical hat, or band called "su lionzu", that wrap the head completely except from the face from the mouth upward.

The uniqueness of this raw silk band ochre coloured because dyed with saffron, is due to the worm that makes the silk that belongs to a species selected in the centuries, called "Orgosolo", raised by some families of the village. Our guides will let you discover the secrets of the raising and processing of the silk, both realised with archaic systems. If you would like to dedicate a day to the visit of the archeological sites of Orgosolo and surroundings, we propose a tour including the visit of the nuraghi and the main funerary monuments of the area.

Period: all year round.


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