From the Rock to the Bearded Vulture

Educational trail "From the Rock to the Bearded Vulture"

Following the extinction of the lammergeyer in Sardina, occured in the late Sixties in the Supramonte of Orgosolo, Umberto Graziano, ornithologist and taxidermist, in the early Nineties, has created, at his own expenses, a didactic path named “From the rock to the Bearded Vulture”.

Result of a research in the forest ecology and taxidermy, has been created to contribute to the protection of the natural resources and the reintroduction of the lammergeyer in Sardinia.

The path, realized with dioramas and high quality taxidermic preparations, consists in the tridimensional the reconstruction of the Supramonte, since the origin of the forest to the food chain, represented by the different animal species, placed a relationship predator-rey, to the lammergeyer, which is shown in its bioligical characteristics and the plan of reintroduction, in progress in the Alps.

Introduced since 1995 in several communes in Sardinia, open to all school classes, the initiative has proved a valid mean for the ecological information for school classes, locals and tourists; thanks to that, in facts, many people have a first approach to Supramonte, and got closer to the eagle, the griffon, or knew for the first time of the lammergeyer extinction.

“Exciting”, “very interesting”, “useful”, “hurrah for the lammergeyer”, are the impressions of over thirty thousand people (twenty thousand in Orgosolo) that wanted to leave memory of their satisfation, in the guest book at the exit.

In October 2003, in the auditorium of Orgosolo, during the introduction of the exhibition of the schools of the Province of Nuoro, organized by ASS.FOR: (Association of the Sardinian Forest rangers), they started to speak concretely of the reintroduction of the lammergeyer.

Later, in May 2004, in the same auditorium, during the projection of the documentary of Michel Terrasse, on the reintroduction of the lammergeyer in the Alps, Umberto Graziano, proposes to the Province technical staff present at the meeting, an Interreg project, in cooperation with the Corse, for the reintroduction of the lammergeyer in Sardinia.

Nowadays, the Interreg III A project, created by the Province of Nuoro and financed by the European Community, is at an advanced stage; it includes a further involvement locally and regionally before the releases in the Orgosolo territory, scheduled in 2008.

The didactic path “From the rock to the Lammergeyer”, hosted in Orgosolo in the auditorium premises, thanks to the Interreg project, will have signs and information boards on the project; open from Spring to Autumn, it will keep its divulgative activity aiming to the valorization of the natural environment and reintroduction of the lammergeyer in Sardinia.