Guided tours

Guided Tours - Orgosolo - Supramonte

The murals of Orgosolo : for about thirty years the walls of the town hall and the library, the ambulatory and the bars lend their flanks to the creativity of artists who have entrusted and entrust the images with the murals voices not only of a community, but of an entire island. The murals are an exceptional attraction and still have to say to those who observe them. Many murals resume the Cubist style, sometimes with real quotations (Picasso's Guernica is depicted in the center of the country), others resume the expressive codes of the Mexican muralists of the 1920s. Recently the murals have been enriched with other styles, including surrealism (an entire square is dedicated to the painter Joan Miro); bright colors, often accompanied by artist's captions, sometimes even in the Orgolese dialect, are custodians of the historical memory of the country and a denunciation of social struggles. Also in the inhabited center it is possible to visit the birth house and the Crypt of the Blessed Antonia Mesina, young Orgolese who preferred to be killed by stone at only sixteen, on May 17, 1935, rather than renouncing her purity. br> His relics, composed in a simulacrum, wear the traditional orgolese costume known for its beauty and for the characteristic headdress, or bandage "su lionzu", which completely wraps the head leaving the woman's face uncovered from the mouth up.
The uniqueness of the raw silk bandage from ocher color due to the effect of tincture with saffron, is given by the fact that the silkworm that belongs to the silk belongs to a species selected over the centuries, baptized "Orgosolo", bred by some families of the village. Our guides will introduce you to the secrets of breeding and silk processing, both made with archaic systems. If you want to spend a day exploring the archaeological sites of Orgosolo and surroundings, we suggest a tour that includes a visit to the nuraghe and the main funerary monuments in the area.

Period: all year.