Off-road excursions

Off-road excursions - Orgosolo - Supramonte

Touristic Itinerary


Many roads are practicable by jeep only and require a good experience. Our ecotour guides will lead you by powerful jeeps, to discover the ancient sites scattered along this alternative routes. Comfortably travelling in our Land Rover 7 seaters you will have the chance to discover amazing spots of the mountain countryside (suitable to visitors of every age); we will travel along the shepherds ways and visit their old shelters in the granitic caves, we could admire a hidden mountain small lake, the unpolluted wood and the pure water springs of the Orgosolo Supramonte.

The routes start from the foot of the Mount Novu San Giovanni, 1300 mt high, where you can admire the ruins of the omonimous church, from the top of which you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the Supramonte mountains and the Rio Flumineddu gorges till the primary forest of Sas Vaddes among which are notable the white nuraghe Mereu and the nuraghe di Presethu Torthu; we will reach then the valley of Lanaittu, a real paradise for speleologists and cave-lovers with the Caves of Sa Oche "The voice" that has beautiful underground lakes inside, the Cave of Su Bentu "The Wind" of Karstic type, with its 7000 metres, is the second biggest cave in Italy.

The valley is one of the most famous in the Sardinian history, as it hosts the famous Corbeddu Cave where have been discovered human bones dating to the Upper Palaeolithic (approx. 13.000 years ago); we will visit the nuragic villages of Sedda 'e Sos Carros, where, inside them, it has been discovered a sacred source of circular shape showing aries head carved in the stone, unique example in all the Mediterranean area, and that of Tiscali dating to the last age of this civilization (IV sec. a.C.).

The tour proceeds in the valleys underneath where the wood alternates to the bush, to arrive at Punta Solitta where it is possible to enjoy of a wonderful panorama on the Supramonte, the Gennargentu and far to the seaside of Orosei and Dorgali. We will reach some charming rural churches in stone and panoramic spots that allow to take wonderful pictures to keep memories of the exciting moments.

Expert drivers, skilled guides will let you leave wonderful days out at the discover of the nature and culture of Sardinia; they will describe every unpolluted corner of the muntain, help you understand every detail of a hidden world, totally unexplored. The journey in jeep includes some stops for the visit and the guide information.

Period: all year round.

Please note: the routes are particularly suitable for those nature lovers unused to long trekkings. We recommend sports clothing with long trousers and comfortable shoes; in the hottest days it is better to wear a cap or a bandanna. We recommend not to go around on your own, to stay by your guide, stay away from the cliffs edge, don’t damage the environment.