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Naturalistic and Archaeological Trekking - Orgosolo - Supramonte

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Trekking in Sardinia? And already it seems not and yet it is possible. It is true that we are known for the sea, which in your opinion is the most beautiful in the world or almost.

Everyone talks about the "Sardinia = Sea", yet for a few years, dear friends of Nature, Culture and Food and Wine, many of you choose the combination, sea-mountain in Sardinia, along paths and places where the views and silence gives the feeling that time has stopped.

Places where there is still a rural and archaic world, and where it is still possible to meet wild animals such as the mouflons, the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, and free domestic animals to roam the territory.

Meet the shepherds, the true guardians and conservators of these places, more than once also their companions and guides to give hospitality and knowledge of the territory we will cross.

In Sardinia you can go trekking all year round, in winter, in spring, with its thousand inflorescences, in autumn; for photography lovers, the colors of Sardinia are extraordinary.

In these periods the routes we organize start from 1 to 7 days, to cross the Supramonte starting from Orgòsolo up to Urzulei, Baunei, Dorgali and then get to see the cliffs and the crystalline sea of ​​the coast Oriental.

Or cross the Gennargentu to arrive in Supramonte always being at an average altitude of 1100 meters. Even in summer, with short morning walks in the shade of holm oaks, you can go trekking.

Our society organizes these routes with the help of expert guides, who also speak foreign languages, including French and German (but vinzas sa limba sarda) registered in the regional register of environmental and naturalistic guides, and all national GAE association that with their experience and passion will make you know the hinterland of this extraordinary island.