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For lovers of trekking and country walks, the territory of Orgosolo is ideal for covering a very large area of ​​great naturalistic and historical / archaeological interest.

naturalistic paths wind through wild valleys, expanses of Mediterranean scrub, ancient oak woods where you can look at yourself in very transparent lakes, admire breathtaking views from sheer cliffs on the bluest sea of ​​the Mediterranean; following the ancient paths of the charcoal burners and shepherds, up to the heart of the Supramonte where to admire the imposing natural doline of Su Sielhone , on the border with the jump of Oliena, originated from the sinking of the roof of an immense cave of the diameter of 500 meters and walls up to 200 meters high.

Finally, you can not be impressed by the gorge of Gorropu , among the highest canyons in Europe with inaccessible walls even 450 meters high, considered to be good merit, among the most interesting and spectacular itineraries of the whole Supramonte.

There is no shortage of visits to archaeological areas still little known as the nuragic complex of Sirilò which hosts numerous domus de janas; the tombs of the giants, the funerary monuments characteristic of the Nuragic civilization, collective tombs that could contain a large number of burials; the nuraghe Mereu , splendid specimen of nuraghe entirely built with blocks of white limestone, which preserves the tholos (false dome) central perfectly intact.

Continuing in a landscape characterized by ancient stone sheepfolds we will visit caves, once shelters of the shepherds, nuraghi up to the Tiscali mountain, a small karst relief in the heart of the Supramonte Dorgalese, on the top of the which has formed a doline due to the collapse of the vault of an ancient cave. In this, it is supposed in the Late Nuragic period, a village was built inside of it, of which today the ruins are noticed. The village built under the walls of the doline remains hidden from visitors' eyes until it reaches its interior. The microclimate, the atmosphere of the cave, the limestone colors make this place unique and unforgettable.

We organize excursions lasting a day or more, with the possibility of staying in the archaic juniper wood structures built by shepherds where the mind goes back in time, to an economy made of flocks and shepherds that in those places they have spent a whole life, punctuated by hard work, sacrifice, renunciation and solitude.

Period : the ideal time for trekking in Sardinia is spring, when nature explodes in its colors and it is not too hot; winter is good for most of the routes and autumn too.

Tips : During the summer months it is advisable to avoid the hottest hours. Given the nature of the terrain it is good to wear comfortable clothing, trekking boots and to bring a windbreaker and a personal supply of water in your backpack.