Yet it's true: this village stands out from the others. I don't know if it wishes to be known, it could be after all. Certainly it brings you the desire to get to know it and let it know you. Orgosolo has a seduction that speaks with the spirit working on our most ancient soul and heart. - Edouard Vincent Taccuino d'Orgosolo 1964-1984

Orgosolo - Supramonte

Società Servizi Turistici Cultura e Ambiente

Our company offers several kinds of services: guided visits, jeep excursions, excursions in mountain bike, horse riding tours, trekkings, didactic tours of environment education and the typical lunch among the shepherds in order to discover the most authentic flavours of our island. We offer a reservation service for our restaurants and accommodation in bed & breakfasts and equipped campings, surrounded by the wood of holm-oaks, junipers and yews, the bush of strawberry trees, myrtles, the amazing peony flowers, gentian and wild rose.

We offer cooperation to travel agencies, tour operators, cral and cultural associations and to private travellers to help and plan accurately your visit among the natural environment, the most ancient history and culture of the Barbagia and make Orgosolo mirror of the wild and rough of the Supramonte world.

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