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Mountain-Bike excursions - Orgosolo - Supramonte

In Sardinia the mountain biking is becoming particularly widespread since it can put together the open air sports activity and the possibility to reach arduous areas,otherwise reachable only after long walks.

Escursioni in Mountain-Bike - Orgosolo - SupramonteWe arrange tours for the mountain bike lovers in suggestive and amazing places, with panoramic views on the particularly beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and holm-oaks, where it is possible to meet the wild cattle, reachable through paths arranged to satisfy every need.

The itineraries go through the territory allowing the mountain bike lovers to discover the surroundings, to get close to nature, admire and appreciate it and become more respectful.

There are different kind of excursion for each level of training, from beginners to the expert and trained one. The bikes and helmets can be rented on the spot.

Periodo: all year round.

Please note: we advise to bring a map to follow the itinerary; a compass and a ruck sack with water-bottle will also be useful.

  • 2 Hours: € 6,00 for person
  • 4 Hours: € 12,00 for person
  • 8 Hours: € 20,00 for person



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