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Supramonte Grand Tour

  • Six days excursions in the wild and enchanting massive of Supramonte. Starting your walk from the mountain and trekking through ancient ilex groves, you will enjoy the sight of stony walls and calcareous canyons till you’ll reach the sea, with its marvellous high cliffs and the fantastic white sandy beaches.
  • Overnight in tent, shepherds’ fond or hotel.
  • Daily luggage transportation (if possible)
  • Delicious typical Sardinian dishes

Spring and autumn, when the climate offers milder temperatures are the best seasons to trek in Supramonte. Supramonte is a calcareous massive very similar to the Dolomites. During trekking you will perceive its wild nature, still almost untouched by human presence. The itinerary passes through dolines and steep rocky heights, deep gorges, ravines and caves and finally reaches the sea, in the gulf of Orosei, where the forest meets the sea. Numerous are the testimonies of the presence of the ancient people of Nuraghe and of the more recent shepherds’ huts.
Along the route you will admire the various local Sardinian vegetal species, that had to adapt to a very hard environment. A special feeling you will perceive passing through the primary forest of Sar Baddes: its ancient and majestic beauty reminds us how small we passers-by are.
With a little luck it is possible to meet some mufflons, but for sure you will admire the flight of the eagle, controlling its territory from the sky.

1. st day: transfer from the airport / port of Olbia to Orgosolo.

In the afternoon, if there is enough time available, you will visit the museum-town of Orgosolo, with its more than 200 “murales”, mural painting depicting various moments of history and life in Sardinia and other regions. We will return than back to our refuge to enjoy a typical Sardinian dinner. During dinner your guide will dedicate a few minute to describe and prepare the tour.
Overnight in multi-bedded rooms (also bunk beds) with facilities.


After breakfast, we will prepare our baggage that will be transported to the next stop, and we will walk with the necessary things just for the day in our back-pack.
Land Rover transfer to Punta Solitta (Scala de S’Arenargiu) here will start our trekking, at a height of ca. 900m. Above sea-level and will go on approximately at the same height. Eastwards we will reach the impressive doline of “::::” with its 500 metres in diameter and 200 metres in depth (if the group desires, it will be possible to step inside). We will pause here a little bit and then we will move to the nearby “Campu Dianigoro”, a large plain hidden by calcareous rock, where it is possible to see the mouflons. Still ca. two hours it will take to reach the shepherd’s fond of Sar Baddes, here we will meet the friends of Orgosolo with our baggage and we will put up our first camp. Than we will enjoy a typical good Sardinian dinner.

Trekking: ca. 5 hours and half. Maximum difference in level:
Overnight in tent.

3 rd day:

Today we will move from the so-called Orgosolo Supramonte to the Urzulei one. We will start from the primary forest of Sarr Baddes and reach then the nuraghe of Mereu and Gorropu, two interesting examples of Nuragic Culture. From here you will admire a wonderful panorama over the Gorropu gorge and the rio Flumineddu. Then we will go down to the entrance of the “Sa Giuntura” gorges, known also as “Le Pieghe”, because of the clearly visible deformation the calcareous rock went through during the forming of these mountains. In spring you can also enjoy swimming in the river. After this, we will step up the opposite side of the mountain to the Ovile di Sedda Arbaccas.
Here we will find our baggage and we will put up our camp in order to spend the overnight.
In the heart of Supramonte, in a secluded zone, we will, with a bit of luck, in particular in the first two days, have the opportunity to meet the moufflon, the lord and master of this places.

Trekking: ca. 5 hours and half. Maximum difference in level: 600m. ca, 500m ca. Overnight in tent.

4th day: Cuile Sedda Arbaccas – Passo Genna Cruxi

After breakfast, we will move toward the ridge of Costa Silana, and we will go through one of the two heights that overlook the Gorropu gorge: Punta Cucuttos (880 mt). Here you will admire a panorama of the gorge from a height of 400 m. above the entrance. Along the route we will clearly see the large canal of Flumineddu, that we have crossed the day before. The canal flows between its high borders to the gorge.

Then, following the ridge line in a continuous up and down, we will reach Punta su Nercone (1236 m.) and from here we will admire a wonderful panorama over the Supramonte. We will then go back for 40 minutes to the point where it is possible to descend to Passo Silan Cruxy, where a short transfer will take us to the sheep-fold of our friend Giampietro. Here we will find our baggage, and we will be accommodated in multi-bedded rooms with private facilities and we will finally have a shower. Overnight and dinner.

Trekking: ca. 5 hours and half. Maximum difference in level: 550m. ca, 500m ca. Overnight in sheep-fold (multi-bedded rooms).

5th day: Bacu Erettili – Cala Sisine

After breakfast, our baggage prepared, we will start trekking from the shepherd-fold at 1000 meters height, at first on plain ground and then starting our descent to Cala Sisine and the sea.
Today we will carry the necessary things for one night (sleeping-bag and tent, otherwise we will sleep under a shed roof).

We will follow the large canal of Baccu Erettili and Bacu Urutzò (it is also possible to descend another route called “Su Camminu Longu” more panoramic but a little bit more dangerous, we will decide together!). Following what remains of the ancient mule-tracks of the carbon carriers of the nineteenth century we will move near the sea passing through deep gorges and steep walls with strange shapes. Our sea destination is Cala Sisine, where we will meet the friends of Baunei that will arrange for us a sea-food dinner.

Trekking: ca. 5 / 6 hours. Maximum difference in level: 50m. ca, 1000m ca. Overnight in tent or on the beach with just a sleeping-bag (according to the period of the year it will be possible to sleep in little multi-bedded rooms at the price of € 10,00 per person)

6th day: Cala Sisine – Cala Gonone

After breakfast we will trek on a steep slope that will bring us quickly at a good height, starting from the beach. We will step up to the Shepherd-fold Saccederano (600 m.) and then descend to Cala Luna (4 hours and a half). If the weather will allow it, you will have a bath and spend a couple of hours at the seaside. Here, around 4.30 pm, we will go by boat to Cala Gonone (cost € 10,00 / € 12,00 per person). In case of bad sea condition, we will walk to Cala Gonone for circa two hours and reach thus our hotel.

Trekking: ca. 4 hours and half. Maximum difference in level: 750m. ca, 750m ca. Overnight in hotel.

7th day: Cala Gonone Cartoe

After breakfast we will start again our trekking, directly from our hotel, in slight slope and following the coast line on a route that will offer us wonderful panoramas over the entire gulf of Orosei, at a variable height around 200 m. We will then descend to the little nice Cala Cartoe, where we will stop for lunch and, according to weather, we will have a refreshing bath.

Here a minibus will pick us up and take us to Dorgali, where we will have a couple of hours for shopping.
Return to our hotel, dinner and overnight.

Trekking: ca. 3 / 4 Maximum difference in level: 150 m. ca, 250m ca. Overnight in a three star hotel.

8th day: transfer to the airport / port in Olbia.

All days we will trek about 4 / 6 hours (time for stops not included)
This trekking is not particularly difficult, but the paths are not trodden, irregular and stony, this makes walking a little hard and fatiguing, in spite of the short distance.

Price: € 820,00 per Person (min. 8 participants, max 16)

Single room surcharge: € 40,00 per person (hotel only)

Price includes:

  • Guide service for 8 days
  • Transfers (according to plan)
  • Baggage transportation for all overnights but the penultimate (according to plan)
  • 2 nights in a three star Hotel in double room, 2 overnights in multi-bedded rooms with shower, 3 nights in the open air (in Cala Sisine there is a shower)
  • Half-board treatment and 4 packed lunch (only when there is no possibility to buy some food)
  • Ferrino Tents for one or two persons.

Price does not include:

  • extra drinks (in Hotel and during excursions)
  • incidental overnight in Cala Sisine
  • boat passage
  • persona extras.

Notes: every day we will have to prepare our baggage that will be transported to the next stop. Only the penultimate night in Cala Sisine, the baggage will be moved directly to the last stop at Hotel l’Oasi in Cala Gonone. We will carry thus our sleeping bag and mat. The Keya firm puts at our disposal Ferrino Tents (minimum weight 2,4 kg) for overnights in open air. Upon request the tents will be transported also to Cala Sisine. At the restaurant in Cala Sisine, one may sleep under the large shed-roof and protect oneself from humidity or, with a surcharge, in little rooms with bunk beds. We suggest, however, to take with you a bivouac sack (light and humidity proof)

Physical condition: intermediate, but very firm foot required
To take with you: trekking shoes, suit-case/backpack, Backpack (45 l), water bottle (we suggest ca. 2 litres a day, sleeping bag, frontal lamp, rain equipment, mat, sun protection.

Advice: we suggest to use pile and/or microfibre warm cloths in layers, that dry quickly.

Periods: Springtime from 1st April to 30th May
Periods: Autumn from 15th September to 30th October



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