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Archaelogic and naturalistic trekking montes forest – Orgosolo

  • 8.30 am arrival in Pratobello area and meeting with the guide
  • 9.00 am visit to the nuraghe Temple of “Gremau” and to the tombs of “Madau”
    naturalistic walk in the dome-oaks forest, moulded by the craft of shepherds and by the
    voracity of cattle.
  • 10.30 am visit to the megalithic stone circle of “Nuraghe BURDU”
  • 11.30 am arrival in the pre-nuraghe necropolis “Domus de Janas” in “Sirilò”
  • 01.30 pm typical lunch among shepherds in the area of “Su LITTU”
  • 04.00 pm return to Orgòsolo and free visit to the Mural Paintings

Length: 4 hours.

Lunch price: € 23,00 per person, minimum 25 participants
French or Italian speaking G.A.E. guide.
Naturalistic guide service: € 23,00 per hour. One guide every 25 participants.




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