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Trekking - Orgosolo - Supramonte

Touristic itineraries (for request by 1 to 6 Days)

Trekking - Orgosolo - SupramonteTrekking in SupramonteTrekking - tacchi calcarei

For the trekking and country walks lovers, the Orgosolo area is an ideal wide area with its interesting natural and historic/archeological aspects.

The natural tours go through the wild valleys, made of Mediterranean vegetation, millenary holm-oak woods where you could mirror in the clear small lakes, admire stunning views from the cliffs on the bluest Mediterranean sea; following the old paths of the coalmen and shepherds, up to the heart of the Supramonte where you can admire the impressive natural dolina of Su Sielhone, at the border with Oliena, caused by the collapse of a big cave ceiling 500 mts wide and with 200 mts high walls.

At the end, you cannot be amazed but the gorge of Gorropu, one of the highest canyons in Europe with inaccessible walls up to 450 metres high, considered with good reason one of the most interesting and extraordinary itineraries of the Supramonte.

There are also visits at the archeological sites, still among the less famous ones, such as the nuragic complex of Sirilò that presents many domus de janas; ‘giants tombs’, the funerary monuments typical of the Nuragic civilization, group tombs containing several inhumations; the nuraghe Mereu, splendid example of nuraghe totally made up with white calcareous blocks, that keeps the central tholos (false dome) perfectly intact.

Going through a countryside rich with old sheepfold in stone, we will visit caves, once shelter for the shepherds, nuraghi, and finally to the mountTiscali, a Karstic relief in the heart of Supramonte of Dorgali, on the top of which there is a dolina created from the collapse of the vault of another ancient cave. Inside this cave, there is a village presumably dating to the Late Nuragic Era, and of which we can see some ruins. The village built under the dolina walls is hidden to the visitor unless you reach the interior of it. The micro climate, the cave’s atmosphere, the calcareous colours, make this place unique and unforgettable.

We arrange excursions of one or more days, with the opportunity to stay in the ancient facilities of the sheepfolds in juniper wood made by the shepherds where you can step back in the past, in a community based on the shepherds and their herds that lived all their lives, signed by hard work, sacrifices, and loneliness.

Period: the ideal period for trekking in Sardinia is springtime, when the natural environment breaks out in its colours and it is not too hot yet; Wintertime is good for a great part of the tours, and so it is the Autumn.

Please note: During Summertime it is recommended to avoid the hottest hours. Because of the nature of the land it is suggested to wear comfortable clothes, trekking shoes and bring a wind-jacket and a water-bottle in the rucksack.


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